Why do you need a private editor?
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      I’m assuming since you made it to my website, you already know the answer to this. Most photographers are the happiest and most inspired when they are behind the camera, not sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end. Whether you are a photographer who loves shooting, but despises editing, or if you just really backed-up and need some help getting some jobs off your plate, hiring a private editor is for you.

      A little about me…

      Like you, I love to go out and create beautiful works of art and interact with my clients, however, I also REALLY love editing. In addition to that, I REALLY love spending time with my little boy. Being a private editor allows me to spend time with my family, while still getting that rush of excitement of seeing beautiful photographs everyday and adding the finishing touches to help them reach their full-potential and add a little extra “Wow!”.

      Why choose me as your private editor?

      I love editing, and I’m a good listener! I love to get to know my clients to truly understand what you are looking for in an editor and in your edits. Also, being a make-up artist for 10 years (and counting) has made me kinda obsessed with correct skin tones and colors, so that has become my pet peeve in photography as well, and it is my specialty when it comes to editing.

      Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal, so I will work with you to perfect your edits and make sure your work has consistency, but more importantly, has the look and feel you want to represent you and your business. We will have a one-on-one working relationship with open communication. If your editing style is constantly evolving, no problem at all, I will evolve with you!

      What editing program do you use?

      I use both ACR and Lightroom, if you have a preference for one or the other, just let me know on your order form. Lightroom is easier to use since you can send me over the files in a Smart Catalog, however, I absolutely love editing in ACR, so if your presets/actions are ACR based and that is what you prefer, you can definitely send me your RAW files a different way. Please contact me for more information.

      What presets do you use?

      That is up to you! I own all of the Mastin Labs presets, so that makes it easier since you do not have to worry about sending them, but I can and have worked with many others as well. I encourage you to send over any and all presets that you use in your workflow so that I may match every aspect of your editing style to minimize the amount of time you have to spend in post.

      Ok, I’m in, how does this work?

      It’s super easy!
      1. You fill out an order form here and send in your photos here.
      2. I will review your order, send you an invoice and receive payment.
      3. I edit the photos (so you don’t have to), and send them back to you so you can send them off to your clients! Yay!