Upload Process

      Thank you so much for your order! Now on to the next step, sending your images. Once I receive your images, I will send you an invoice via Paypal and we can get started!

      Test Orders
      If this a test order, please follow the link below to upload 5-10 images you would like us to edit, complimentary, for you to test out out services.
      Upload Test Images

      Upload Files to Complete your Order

      If you use Lightroom to edit your galleries, please send your weddings or sessions as a Lightroom Smart Catalog and upload them via Dropbox. If you need instructions are below.

      1. Create Smart Previews:
      Import your RAW files into a New Catalog
      – Go to File > Export folder as catalog > Save As (Your Company_ Your Client’s Last Name) > check Build/ include smart previews and Include available previews > UNCHECK Export negative files > Export Catalog

      If you have already culled your images, there might be a forth box that says “Export Selected Pictures Only”, you will want to select that as well.

      (The only one that should NOT be checked is “Export negative files”)

      2. Locate & Zip Files
      Once you have saved the files, locate them, select all two or three files and turn them into a Zip file. Next, you will need to upload the zip file to our shared Dropbox folder in the “Raw Files” sub-folder.

      3. Anchor Images
      In order to make the editing process as streamlined as possible, we highly suggest you include 5-10 editing images from this session that we can use as anchor images to match your editing style. Please label these images¬†(Your Company_ Your Client’s Last Name_Anchor) and add them to the “Raw Files” sub-folder in our shared folder. If you want to use film scans as your anchor images, please see “Film Emulsion” below.

      Film Emulsion

      If you took film images during this session as well and you would like me to match the film scans, please be sure to include them in the “Raw Files” sub-folder as well. Please label the scans with (Your Company_ Your Client’s Last Name_Film Stock), for example (PrettyPics_Smith_Fuji400h).


      Custom Presets

      Please send us any custom presets or actions that you use in your workflow, this will ensure that we are able to match your editing style as close as possible. Please just add your name (last, first or business name) in front of the existing name so we can keep them in your file.
      Upload Presets