Boudoir Sessions

      find yourself / love yourself

      Sometimes as women we lose ourselves in the everyday mundane tasks that comes with being an adult, partner and/or mother. We slowly forget what makes us happy, what makes us feel alive, special or sexy, and essentially what makes us us. The thing we forget is that our partners and children would actually benefit if we took some times to ourselves once in a while to really reflect and get reminded of who we were/are as women.

      Whether you want to do this for yourself, or as an intimate gift for someone special,
      these sessions are so fun, so freeing, and soooo fulfilling.


      Choose your path:

      We plan out your entire shoot together, from inspiration boards to execution. I walk you through the whole process, help with suggestions for wardrobe and location, and during the shoot, I make sure everything is in place to help you feel comfortable, confident and sexy (which usually includes some fun music and a glass of bubbly, of course).


      Styled Boudoir Session:

      4-5 hours of some major “me-time”. You just come with a fresh-face and dry, clean hair, everything else is taken care of for you.
      + wardrobe curation: A curated collection of pieces tailored specifically to your style, and your body
      + 2-3 outfit changes
      + 1-2 locations
      + hair & makeup


      Maternity Boudoir Session:

      Pregnancy is such a transformative experience for women altering your body, mind and soul. This intimate session has the ability to document this time in a way nothing else can. Embracing your body, accepting the changes,
      and connecting with your forthcoming little love.

      + 90 min shoot at one location
      + 1-2 outfit changes


      Petite Boudoir Session:

      A classic boudoir shoot for the lady who maybe wants to take care of her own hair & makeup needs, or go au naturel, has a clear vision of wardrobe and location, and maybe is on a slight time-crunch.

      + 90 min shoot at one location
      + 1-2 outfit changes


      Boudoir Party:

      Imagine gathering all of your best friends up in one spot, prancing around in your undies, drinking champagne, snacking on munchies and listening to some early Madonna. Oh yeah, and as icing on the cake, getting some seriously gorgeous boudoir portraits of yourself to have as a keepsake, or to share with your special someone. If that sounds like the best day ever to you, PLEASE call me! It would be a great way to celebrate a birthday-girl, bride-to-be, or just an amazing girls day.
      + 4-5 hours at one location
      + private photo time for each girl, as well as group shots if desired
      + 1-2 outfit changes
      + Private online viewing gallery

      Please contact me for pricing and availability.