Romance Sessions

      In the beginning of a relationship we celebrate every milestone, not matter how insignificant it may seems to others, with cards, candy, a night out or little gifts. I don’t think that should never end! Celebrate the little things in your relationship that makes your love special, and document it every chance you get!

      A Romance Session will tell your love story.

      I want to truly get to know you both. Does he know that special ticklish spot behind your ear, and love how you let out a little snort once in a while when you truly LOL? Does she know how to get you to smile on your worse days by telling you a corny joke, and can she tell when you need a night out with your friends and suggests one even though would never mention it? These are the things that make love last. These are the little stories that I want to tell.

      Please contact me so we can start planning your Romance Session and adding the illustrations to your never-ending love story!

      90 min. session
      1-2 locations
      1-2 wardrobe changes
      online gallery

      Hair & Make-up can be added to any session, please contact me for pricing.